Our professionals keep your startup organized every step of the way, and have extensive experince in website and app design, development, and marketing.

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Startup Score Framework

Your startup's success requires a holistic analysis and score. Your score based on the six factors of idea, market & positioning, competition, business & growth plan, leadership & team, and finances will determine your chances of success. Our proprietary method has won numerous accolades and praise from successful entrepreneurs and leading investors.

  • Idea - It all starts here. The strength of the idea is a big determining factor in the success of a startup.
  • Market and Positioning - Analysis factors include: market demand, good/bad marketing strategy.
  • Competition - Who are the competitors? Analysis factors include: competition strength, and good/bad timing.
  • Business and growth plan - Efficient business plans and growth strategy help drive adoption and overcome unexpected obstacles.
  • Leadership and team - Building the right team is key to overcoming obstacles.
  • Finances - Analysis factors include: lack of cash on hand, lack of financing or investor interest.
  • Typical time to complete, 3-5 days. Prices start at $400
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