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Project Overview:

A leading international NGO with 500 staff in 23 countries was struggling with broken HR policies and procedures. HR systems needed to be transformed into a source of employee empowerment and satasification. However, siloed HR, IT, and Ops led to lack of efficiency and constant delays implementing new systems.


Lack of efficent communication between heads of IT, HR, and finance. Poorly defined policies and proceedures needed updating and communicating to the organization.


Working closely with the heads of HR, IT, Ops, and the Chairman of the Board, I researched and gained consensus for new HR policies. I led research on new HRMS and CRM systems, provided my recommendation, and won approval. I oversaw the development of custom integrations between new and legacy systems. Working closely with the Chairman of the Board and COO I conducted a comprehensive analysis of business processes and systems, and rolled out Business Process Improvements that automated many manual tasks.

Capabilities Used:

  • International research, analysis, and recommendation
  • Developed communication framework and policies
  • Leadership development training
  • Project management of software implimentation
  • Business process review and refinement
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