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Project Overview:

Our small team at the time consisted of one project manager, one full-stack developer, and one graphic designer. We developed the first social network for travelers in an app for iOS and Android.


To use GPS sensors to trigger on a user-defined schedule. To work offline while traveling in remote parts of the world and sync up when internet was detected. To plot location on open source map, allow users to place pins, upload pictures and videos, and comment on each other's photos and posts. To search for other Trackpacker users nearby and chat with them through the app.


The team designed, developed, tested, and launched Trackpacker on iOS and Android and marketed the app to steadily grow its user base.

Capabilities Used:

  • Market analysis and marketing strategy
  • Financial proformas
  • Generated partnership opportunities to boost sales
  • Planning & executing business strategy
Develop new Silicon Valley customer experience center
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